Coach Alex
Coach Alex is a California native and long time Nevada resident. Alex has been a life-long athlete, playing multiple sports but focusing on track and field and football in High School. Alex was offered many Division 1 football scholarships, and eventually chose Washington State University as a running back/free safety, he also attended the Rose Bowl 1998. After graduation Alex went on to serve in the US Army as a paratrooper in an Airborne Infantry Unit. Alex also served our community as a police officer in Northern And Southern Nevada for several years. He found his home in the fitness world as a personal trainer and discovered CrossFit was the perfect fit for him and his competitive spirit. Alex brings his vast knowledge of college sports/military physical fitness and personal training as a Level 2 Crossfit Coach.

Alex is Crossfit Level 1 Certified / Crossfit Level 2 Certified / Personal Training Certified / TRX certified/ Powerlifting Continuing Education

Coach Beth
Coach Beth is a Pittsburgh native and recently moved to Nevada in 2012.  Beth began her athletic journey playing soccer in High School.  After graduating, she continued her love of soccer and became the assistant coach while going to college.  In 2007, Beth went on to serve in the US Army as a military intelligence specialist.  She served world wide never staying in one place for longer than a couple of years.  Her travels included supporting NATO Forces training throughout Europe and a combat deployment to Afghanistan.  Following an injury, Beth found her love of yoga and wanted to bring it to other soldiers, so while stationed in Colorado, she attended Yoga Teacher Training with Core Power Yoga.  The Army gave Beth orders to become an Army recruiter and she stationed in Carson City, NV. Here Beth was introduced to CrossFit through her passion of teaching yoga.  She fell in love with CrossFit because like yoga, everything could be modified and it suits everyone.  Beth brings a vast knowledge of coaching sports, military physical fitness, and mobility to our community as she finally settles down in one location.

Bethany is CrossFit Level 1 Certified / Power Yoga Instructor Certified / CrossFit Mobility Certified / PiYO Certified (Pilates and Yoga)

Coach Kessler
Christian Kessler is a Las Vegas native that recently relocated to Northern Nevada.  Christian has had a passion for fitness, family and country since childhood. Christian spent several years studying martial arts as a young kid and has served in the U.S Army for the past 10 years. He started in CrossFit in 2013 and fell in love with the sport because of the camaraderie between athletes and competitive atmosphere. He plans to continue serving his county while serving his community by helping people find their fitness potential.

Christian is CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Coach Amber
Amber is a Northern California native who migrated to Nevada about 13 years ago. She has always been active, playing soccer from kindergarten through high school. After moving to Nevada she stayed active through a conventional gym but found herself not getting the results she wanted. After meeting Coach Beth and some convincing she tried CrossFit for the 1st time and has been with us ever since. When she is not in the gym she spends her time making shirts, gardening and frolicking with unicorns.

Amber is Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Coach Lindsay
Lindsay grew up on the beaches of Oahu so it’s no surprise that summer is her favorite season. She moved to Nevada when she was 10 and loves living near Lake Tahoe. She enjoys spending days at the lake, hiking with her dogs, road cycling, and camping. In early 2016 she found CrossFit and loves that it feeds her competitive side yet has a strong friendly community. It is an all season sport that keeps her engaged during Nevada’s long, cold winters. Lindsay strives to be an inspiration to the women in the gym and loves seeing everyone push themselves.

Lindsay is Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Coach Jennifer
Coach Jennifer is a Missouri native and moved to Northern Nevada many years ago.  Jennifer grew up playing sports, weight training from a young age and developed a passion for fitness.  Jennifer realized in High School she wanted to serve her community as a Police Officer.  In 2006  she began her journey in Northern Nevada Law Enforcement.  She has been extremely involved in training Police Officers in Northern Nevada.  Having a passion for overall fitness led to a natural love of CrossFit and it’s constantly varied workouts.  Jennifer has completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training certification and looks forward to bringing Yoga to Silver Strike Athletes.  Jennifer brings a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and how to apply this to our everyday lives.

Jennifer has her 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training certification.

Coach Mike
Mike has lived in Carson City his entire life. Mike attended Carson City High School and University of Nevada-Reno. Mike has been participating and coaching CrossFit since 2011. Mike has been participating in Carson City Recreation Hockey and Softball for years. Seeking a level of fitness above the weekend activities, Mike found CrossFit and what he’s been desiring all along. CrossFit changed his mind and body. Mike has a passion for Olympic lifts and Fran (don’t know Fran yet? Can’t wait to introduce you!). Mike is the lucky husband of Coach Heather and is the proud father of 3 beautiful children.

Mike is CrossFit Level 1 Certified / Crossfit Level 2 Certified / Powerlifting Continuing Education

Coach Abby
Abby was born and raised in Carson City. She played just about every sport growing up including basketball and softball at Carson High. Abby found Crossfit her final year of college…after 3 years of living on happy hours and all-you-can-eat cafeteria food had her looking and feeling like a blob. In 2012, she went to the Northwest Regionals as a team member with CrossFit Spokane, where they finished in the top 10. She’s been coaching since 2013 and especially focuses on the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit (although she’s working hard on those gymnastic skills!). She loves nothing more than seeing someone nail a flawless snatch or hit a PR on any lift. She emphasizes the basics, perfecting technique,and using the hook grip at all times! When she’s not in the gym she’s traveling the world, playing golf, or stealing her friends dogs to take on hikes at Lake Tahoe.

Abby is CrossFit Level 1 Certified/ CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified/ Powerlifting Continuing Education