It’s never too late to stay active and keep moving! Our Adaptive Fitness program is designed for the 55 and older community who wants to remain healthy and active, but not limited to this age! This class is a personalized group coached class. We are focusing on movement mechanics, creating a strong bone structure and muscle density with the use of resistance (all scaled to the individual’s place in fitness), and creating a lifestyle that leads to a fun and better well being.

What we hear the most from our clients is “we want to be able to play with our grandkids”, “we want to be able to walk without getting winded”, “I just had a hip replacement and want to begin an exercise regiment”, and “we want to just feel good throughout our day”

Whether your focus is to maintain independence throughout the aging process, or increase your current abilities and then some – this program is for you!

Coach Alisha has been teaching the senior community, and has extensive knowledge on getting you moving and fit RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

This class is by appointment only. Please call or text 775-720-8304

What to expect: A FUN, engaging environment with a certified coach. We utilize a gentle, less intense version of our CrossFit class. We cater each workout to each individual, to ensure we are meeting your exact needs.

What does a normal class look like?

  1. We spend the first few minutes checking in: How is everyone feeling? Any news? Jokes and “antics” typically begin here!
  2. We warm up. Warm ups vary, but they’re designed to get your heart beating a little faster and the blood circulating throughout your body, and loosen you up – make sure we have good range of motion in those joints we’re about to work out.
  3. We work on a movement(s) that helps to increase joint range of motion, build strength and endurance, and help build muscle memory for patterns we like to see occur, specifically in range of motion (for example, reaching overhead).
  4. We work on “lifting”: medicine balls, barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells.  Light to heavy loads (specific to the individual athlete), low to high reps.
  5. We do a “workout” that is at a little higher speed/intensity than the other parts of the class. You have a task and a goal….it’s almost like game. We may do several short workouts or one longer workout.
  6. We rest in between these segments of the class.
  7. Everyone works at their own pace and ability level.
  8. And…it’s a good time! Everyone participating, including your trainers, look forward to the classes and can’t wait for the next…not what you’d expect from an exercise program.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring a bottle of water.

***Note to readers: This class is for ALL fitness levels, but is geared to those just beginning or in need a of slower pace. We are about individual attention at Silver Strike CrossFit, please call us for a personalized assessment for the class that will be perfect for you. or 775-720-8304