August Newsletter

-Clothing is in! Your order will be at the gym. 

-August Challenge is Acid Bath. 500m rower, 500 m ski erg, 24 calorie assault. Record your times! Feel free to do this as many times as you want to compare times! 

-Congrats Tina on winning the July challenge of pikes on the rower! 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0

-Are you interested in mountain biking? Muscle Powered hosts a ladies ride on Tuesday nights at 5:30 0ff Foothill Rd. Contact Heather if interested or just show up! If you are not a lady but would be interested in learning, also contact Heather! 

-We have a new personal trainer joining the gym,  Priscilla Thomas! Let us know if you’re interested in personal training options!