January Newsletter

January Happenings: 
We know that the start of a new year brings new focus and goals. You can use this link to access our goal guide. Write your goals down, share them with us and those close to you, and let’s kill it. 
If you need help formulating a plan, please reach out. 

-Thank you for donating for the kids for Christmas. We adopted 9 kids, 3 families. We were able to fulfill all of their lists. I know you made it possible for them to have a big Christmas. 

-Santa Slay was a success! Great job to Kelina and Dolan for taking first place. Congrats to Robyn for winning the Spirit of Santa Slay award! Can’t wait for next year!

-January’s Challenge will be walking lunges! Record your name on the back board, we pick from random from the list of names of those who have worked on them throughout the. month. It’s not about who can do the most, but who is giving effort! 

-December challenge winner is Tami! Grab your gift card today! 

-We offer a FREE meal plan every week to our members. If you would like this well balanced meal plan emailed to you, text or contact Heather. If you are struggling with nutrition, please reach out to us. We want to help you be successful. 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0

-Did you know you can check our website blog out to see this newsletter and monthly recipes? Feel free to give us a visit!