June Newsletter

June Happenings: 

-No Yoga on Saturday for the next few weeks, we are looking for a yoga coach over the summer. Stay tuned! 

-Wednesdays will be your SSCF Swag day! Be sure to wear your swag in the gym on Wednesdays! 

-Ladies Night on June 22 at the new wine bar in Carson, Mayer Family Wines at 5pm. We will have small bites and some wine or whiskey! Please come even if you don’t want to drink! 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0

-Fred Radtke won May challenge! Fred killed Murph and rounds of Cindy! Grab your gift card in the gym!

-June challenge is max bear hug walk. RX weight is 100/150#. You don’t have to do this RX to participate. Choose a challenging weight (via slam ball, kb, sandbag, best friend, spouse, ect) and try get max meters, you can do one max attempt or cumulative meters. This is also the Rogue June challenge 

-Are you interested in mountain biking? Muscle Powered hosts a ladies ride on Tuesday nights at 5:30 0ff Foothill Rd. Contact Heather if interested or just show up! If you are not a lady but would be interested in learning, also contact Heather! 

-If you have personal goals you want to meet, you do not have to pay for personal training. Simply reach out to Coach Mike or Coach Heather (in person, text, email, however you choose!) and we can help you develop a plan that’s best for you to get that goal! If you need a little more in depth help, we are doing the 1:1 training as well. We want to see everyone get where they want to go! 

-See our upcoming events section for the fun to come over the next few months!