September Newsletter

September Happenings: 
-Please join us at the Wine Walk Saturday Sept 2. SSCF is meeting at the Brewery Arts Center at 1PM. It’s a 70’s theme, but you aren’t required to dress up. Here’s a link to buy your ticket (it must be purchased online) http://

-August Challenge winner is Sage! Great job! 

-September challenge is double unders. Every single class will start with 3 minutes of double under practice. We will perfect those double unders this month! Are you amazing at DU’s? No worries, crossover work and triples is encouraged during this morning warm up time. 
Want to watch some videos before we get started? Here’s some great videos to prep on : 

-Whoop Strain Challenge! Join the SSCF Whoop group (number below and on back wall of gym) and participate for bragging rights to see who’s workout efforts are leading! Your score will be your average monthly strain. Have questions about this? Call/Text Coach Mike 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0

-Are you interested in mountain biking? Muscle Powered hosts a ladies ride on Tuesday nights at 5:30 0ff Foothill Rd. Contact Heather if interested or just show up! If you are not a lady but would be interested in learning, also contact Heather! 

-We have a new personal trainer joining the gym,  Priscilla Thomas! Let us know if you’re interested in personal training options!