December Newsletter

December Happenings: 
Lots happening in December, we are excited for what this month will bring!  

-We are adopting kids for Christmas again this year through the Angel Tree program. We hope that we can support these kids again like we did last year. Some of the requests are as simple as wanting socks. If you are interested in donating, you can venmo us or bring cash. If you cannot donate, but are interested in helping wrap these gifts, we would love your assistance! 

-Santa Slay starts on December 4th. This is a fun, in house competition we do each December. It is a partner workout, with a new partner every M/W/F. More details to follow in email form. Please sign up on the white board before Monday. Shirts will be here soon!

-Congrats Irma on winning November challenge! December challenge is pullups! Like our double under month, this will be a scheduled 3 minutes in class where we will work on our pullups. The Coaches are here to help, and have a plan for you to develop your pullup strength and improve no matter your skill level. 

-We offer gift cards if you are looking for a gift this Christmas! 

-We offer a FREE meal plan every week to our members. If you would like this well balanced meal plan emailed to you, text or contact Heather. If you are struggling with nutrition, please reach out to us. We want to help you be successful. 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0