June Newsletter

June Happenings: 
Order your new SSCF Swag straight from the SSCF Store! In the store, click on the image to see more colors and options. Use the link below: 

Katie V won May’s Challenge ! Pick your gift card up at the gym!

June Month is abs! Your choice of exercise: hollow rocks, situps, penguins, planks and plank taps, GHD….the possibilities are endless! Here’s a link to a circuit: 

Our Free Goal Guide: 

-We offer a FREE meal plan every week to our members. If you would like this well balanced meal plan emailed to you, text or contact Heather. If you are struggling with nutrition, please reach out to us. We want to help you be successful. 

-Do you have a WHOOP and want to join the SSCF Whoop group? Whoop Code: Comm-3345C0

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